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Ooooh insights into your Sony Vegas projects, eh? I approve xD And hahaha my projects look just as chaotic (or even worse), so… :P

how does one even manage to organize anything though? xD

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true story i’ve been wracking my brain which project that was. until i saw it today :3 that’s how creepy i am.
do i not abuse your brain enough already? :P (and i’ll probably be soon writing you from the grave if you don’t stop sending me so many heart attacks in so little time)
  1. thebrokenqueen said: I knooow, it’s impossible xDD (and hahaha I was wondering about which project this was, too … then I decided trying to figure it out may be a little creepy, so I stopped myself :P) Which reminds me: I still have to watch your video for Con*watches*
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