@anon1: maybe make sure your graphic is 500px wide? also i know the format sometimes messes up mine so i usually try both .png and .jpeg and see what looks better. this is not really helpful i’m sorry.. maybe if you come off-anon i can try to find out what’s wrong? :)

@anon2: i have a few download sites (i don’t use torrents) but filestube is usually where i go first when i wanna find something :)

@anon3: omg this is so embarrassing because me working on vegas is probably the biggest mess you could ever imagine.. but okay, here. i usually put my video tracks on top and my audio tracks underneath. The only reason why i use several audio tracks is because i prefer to work on a new one when i’m adding another effect, instead of editing each segment individually. Though for the coloring i do work on each segment individually, like you would edit caps separately on PS. i hope this makes sense? 

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  1. pausethetragicending said: true story i’ve been wracking my brain which project that was. until i saw it today :3 that’s how creepy i am.
  2. thebrokenqueen said: Ooooh insights into your Sony Vegas projects, eh? I approve xD And hahaha my projects look just as chaotic (or even worse), so… :P
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