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1. Something you don’t eat or drink (because you hate it)

i’m really really not picky… especially since i’m eating mostly alone, so i’ll eat whatever there is to eat even if that means cereals for dinner sometimes xD As for drinks… not a big fan of alcohol except with friends (i just don’t like to drink alone), and i don’t drink coffee but only because i drink tons of tea :D

2. Do you have a favorite part of the day?

Probably depends on if i’m alone or not.. Alone i LOVE the after-midnight part, when the city’s calming down and the lights in the street are the only thing lightning up the inside of the house.. sorry, got carried away :P And with people, either after dinner for the same reasons but at a more acceptable hour :P or cooking time cause i do that a lot with friends and it’s always so much fun.

3. What do you think about white lies?

i think… that whenever there’s lying involved, chances are someone is going to get hurt. Even if it’s yourself. And as naive as this might sound… i think that trusting someone enough to tell them the truth is worth anything. Easier said than done of course.

4. The first thing you remember/your oldest memory.

It’s nothing really clear.. but probably my first day of school. I just remember a little girl crying, and that little girl was my best friend for 15 years after that.

5. Something that always makes you laugh.

image and skype convos :P

6. Is there something unforgivable for you?

the forgivable part is almost always easy for me since you can find reasons to pretty much anything, but the forgettable part.. that’s the hard one

7. Something you want to achieve this year.

Getting somewhere? and tell myself that even if i fail then at least i tried

8. If you could change anything about yourself, what would stay the same?

i don’t know.. maybe the fact that i’m so protective of the things and people i love? but most of the time it’s just tiring for others so maybe not

9. Something(s) you were able to check off your “bucket list” already.

will be able to check one off in a month :P

10. What bothers you about a person?

i need A LOT to be bothered xD but i guess.. maybe people who judge without knowing? even though in some cases i can understand

11. A song you identify with.

Maybe Florence + The Machine - Nameless.. or Azure Ray - November (you did that on purpose didn’t you :P) also Simone White - Bunny in a bunny suit

1. Last 5 most recent songs you’ve listened to?

Tom McRae - 2nd Law, The National - The Rains Of Castamere, Wintersleep - Experience The Jewel, Imogen Heap - Bad Body Double, Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine

2. Words you live by?

'The easiest way to be creative is to try something different even if you don't think it will work' and 'Love doesn't conquer, it's not some kind of a weapon that you wield'

3. Do you judge a book by its cover?

i try not to but i’m still kinda frustrated when they use movie posters as book covers..

4. What’s your favorite word?


5. Do you believe in fate?


6. What cartoon character could you identify most with while growing up?

ooh tough one.. i’ve always loved Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast :) Later on, people kept comparing me to Jane from Disney’s Tarzan.. for the clumsiness and crazy eyes i guess xD

7. Something that gives you butterflies?

seeing some of your icons on my dash, cuddly Polka, weekly mail, a fav song playing somewhere unexpected, those two dorks on monday night, coincidences, a good book or movie (and since yesterday, train tickets)

8. What caused you to start watching Castle?

The flu :P i was sick and couldn’t sleep so i was looking for something to watch.. the first ep had just aired and i was lucky enough to click on those two silly faces :P

9. Current background?



10. Story behind your URL?

from a book i read years ago (which i’ve been looking for for months now and it’s driving me crazy), the main character (a little girl) kept saying ‘speak half out loud’  instead of ‘whispering’ :)

11. Describe your greatest adventure so far.

i think it was.. summer 2006, maybe 2005. We were in vacation in central France and our house was right next to a farm, and there was this almost wild dog who came to feed there everyday. About halfway through our stay, we realized she had puppies and that they were running around in the middle of nowhere so we called an organization so that they could take them somewhere safe. Problem is we had to find the puppies first xD So for a couple of days, my brother, my sister and i were just wandering around in the woods looking for puppies.. we managed to find all of them, kept them for a day and let them go with a sweet lady who promised to take good care of them :) Burned in my memory forever <3

 (also i just spent an hour looking for pictures xD and look what i found! :P)

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